Saturday, 31 May 2008

Yahnony Mouse Gets Fed Up with Orthodox Monk

Here are Yahnony Mouse’s last two comments:

*sigh*... the mouse will play no more. Well, at least you like the name 'Yahnony Mouse'... Why have I been asking you? Honestly, I don't know... maybe because I wanted to hear (read) your opinion? Or maybe because I've been thinking of becoming Orthodox? (No sarcasm here, as it may seem.) I feel kind of embarrassed; if you would be so nice as to delete your last two posts and forget about the whole thing? ... I won't bother you anymore. Goodbye.

- Yahnony

What I forgot to write in my last comment (that should've been my last)... I don't find it impossible to understand - one year ago I nearly went mad because of my pride.

- Yahnony

We do not plan to delete the last two posts. While Yahnony says he is embarrassed by them, there is no reason to believe that anyone knows who he is. There are many people named Theodor in Romania. We think the issues are important—as indeed Yahnony’s last remark shows. In cases such as this, there is only one road: obedience. Yahnony should find a sound priest and exercise blind obedience to him. Yahnony is clearly intelligent and blind obedience is a problem for the smart, but that is precisely why it must happen. We will say a prayer for you, Theodor.

With genuine best wishes—

Orthodox Monk

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