Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Charismatic Question by Email

We have received an unusual email from someone connected with the 'The International House of Prayer -- Kansas City'. The man who wrote wants to learn something about Orthodox prayer to use in his missionary ministry of universal worship and intercessory prayer in the 24/7 prayer room at the House. We did some due diligence and they are third-wave Pentecostalist 'latter rain' types. The House was founded by someone named Mike Bickle. There has been or is some connection to the Vineyard group of churches. We get the impression that in 'latter rain' and 'Joel's Army' circles these things and peoples are fairly well known. We don’t know anything. We are rather bemused by this. The only thing we could suggest is that the party who inquired read the blog post by post from oldest post to newest post. If he gets anything out of it, so much the better. We were rather put off by his email, given that it links to various places all of which have draw-down menus for one-time or monthly donations, not to mention the same thing in the author’s email signature.

Update, August, 2010: See also
this post.