Sunday, 1 June 2008

Yahnony Mouse Changes His Mind, Wants Our Help

Here is our latest communication from Yahnony. We should point out that we have been correcting his spelling and bringing his grammar and punctuation into line with our own. Despite that, Yahnony seems to have a very good command of English. We have omitted some material for Yahnony’s sake.

I've changed my mind (yes, where’s the steadfastness?). I want your help. I know you told me to write you an email, but I prefer writing on your blog (hope you don’t mind). It’s not easy for me to express myself in English, but I will try. Let’s sum my problems up:

I am a former video-game addict with socializing problems (hmm, maybe Internet addicted too). I am still recovering. And as if that wouldn’t be enough, since childhood (I'm 20 now) I've got obsessive-compulsive problems. They were worse before, but they still aren’t gone. Ironically, I'm a psychology student … (I think I went there with the idea of treating myself).

I feel myself attracted towards religion, but I’ve never really practiced it (besides praying). I don’t go Sundays to church and I went to confession only three times in my life (the same goes with the celebrating of the Eucharist); the last time was over a year and a half ago. I once believed in aliens and yoga, was a sci-fi fan. Many things I learned about religion (especially Orthodoxy) come from the Internet (I’ve noticed there is quite a trend).

My main spiritual sickness is pride (but not the only one); I never really listen to the advice of others. One year ago, I had a problem with crazy thoughts. I isolated myself even more because of them. And this isolation, combined with pride, brought me to the brink of madness. It was finally an explosion of rage that woke me up.

I’ve read some let’s say nonsense in my life. Like five days ago, when I stumbled upon that site concerning the Illuminati. I somehow knew that I shouldn’t read it but I still did. And then I thought: ‘Man, this fits so well!’ I know what you mean about the Devil tempting me to think about those and other kinds of matters. I know a bit about how the spiritual battle goes, I’ve read about it. I know, but knowing alone isn’t enough. Why, the Devil KNOWS that God exists, he KNOWS that He is almighty, and he KNOWS that he (the Devil) will spend eternity in hell; but still, he remains cold to the Lord’s love.

Please pray for me –

Theodor (or Yahnony Mouse, if you prefer)


We have published our reply in the next post.

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