Friday, 30 May 2008

While the Cat is away, Yahnony Mouse Will Play

We have received two emails or so from a ‘Yahnony Mouse’ concerning things like the Illuminati. Since this is the sort of thing that spam is made of, we deleted the emails without opening them—we don’t need viruses, thank you very much—and put a spam filter into our email. We then received comments on two different posts from our old friend Anonymous referencing the same works, and more, including web-sites, with a request that we check things out and make a post.

We think that ‘Yahnony Mouse’ is a pseudonym of Anonymous; otherwise we would not repeat Yahnony’s name. If we are wrong, please let us know Yahnony—but from a different email address because you’re blocked.

We went to two of the sites suggested by Anonymous. One was a promo for a book of private revelations to a couple of people from, supposedly, Jesus (you can pay by PayPal). The other was to a web-site that occupies itself with the Illuminati; ways to purify the atmosphere using devices that build on inventions of Wilhelm Reich, the inventor of the ‘orgone box’; blood electrification devices that cure AIDS; and so on and so forth—much of it for a price. We are not going to reference these things by name, nor the related web-sites, nor are we going to publish these comments because we are not in the business of promoting other people’s delusions or frauds or whatever. In general this stuff has nothing to do with Christianity.

With best wishes

—Orthodox Monk

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