Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Future Monk? 3

The email correspondence with Mr Jaguar continued. Here is the complete correspondence since Future Monk? 1. We will be posting our considered reply to all of this as soon as possible.
First we have Mr Jaguar’s response to Future Monk? 2:
What the hell? You didn't reply to my e-mail. You just posted it and assumed the reader would get your point.
I thought the purpose of your site was education. That's what I'm seeking from you. Apparently you don't know crap about what you believe and aren't interested in rhetoric.
You are like the fundamentalist protestant church I left where they tell you to just accept and not question. You are not monastic in spirit, because the monastics are interested enriching the church. Instead, you just want to brag to the world about how spiritual you are.
To which we replied:
Can I post your email and reply to it?
If you look carefully at the posts you will see that I specifically said that I was going to reply to your emails in due course; however, I first wanted to solicit reader comment.
Orthodox Monk
To which Mr Jaguar replied:
He then sent this additional note before we had a chance to respond:
You did not specifically state it because the only thing you mentioned at the end was: “We are almost of the opinion that the exchange needs no comment since it speaks for itself.” The reader is left with the belief that you will not comment as you vaguely alluded to above.
To which we replied:
Read the whole post of Future Monk? 1. The first paragraph reads:
We received an email from someone in America. Let us call him Simon Jaguar. We would like to present the full email exchange for our readers to think about before we comment on the content of Mr Jaguar’s emails. We solicit comments from our readers on this email exchange whether by email—preferred—or by the comment form. We will then in due course discuss the content of the email exchange. We have edited Mr Jaguar’s emails for spelling, grammar and style.
In the second post, Future Monk? 2, the last paragraph reads:
Mr Cheetah has raised some important issues which we will discuss in due course. (There’s a whole cat family for other commenters.)
If you won't accept for us to post the whole (anonymized) correspondence, we're not going to discuss any of it.
Orthodox Monk
To which Mr Jaguar replied:
Fair enough. The ending of Future Monk? 1 threw me off, but I see now what you mean.
He later sent the following note:
I apologize for speaking rashly then.
To which we replied.
Orthodox Monk
As we said, we will post our considered reply as soon as possible.

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