Monday, 14 November 2011

Ich bin ein Weltanschauungfixer

We have received an email from Scotty (not his real name) from Rose-of-Sharon, Kansas (not his real address). The email reads:
Dear Sir:
Are you an Eastern Rite Catholic monk?
Rose-of-Sharon, Kansas
To which we replied:
Normally we only reply to emails by posting the email, edited for grammar and syntax and to remove any identifying information, on the blog and then replying on the blog.
Is this acceptable?
Orthodox Monk
To which Scotty replied:
Yes, you may post my question. Thank you for asking. Perhaps I should rephrase my question: Are you a member of a monastic order within the Byzantine Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, under the authority of Pope Benedict XVI?
Answer: No.
Comment: We are puzzled that someone would even ask. The blog is named Orthodox Monk.
Orthodox Monk

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