Saturday, 23 January 2010

Blessed are the Merciful – Love and Authoritarianism 5

We have been puzzling over this topic of the authoritarian who proclaims his or her Christian commitment, the far-right Christian who hates his political opponent, the far-right Christian who perhaps is armed, the far-right Christian who perhaps lies about his political opponent. Unfortunately, our puzzlement remains. The only thing we can come up with is this beatitude: ‘Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy.’

We don’t know, being ignorant, but the spirit of this beatitude seems far, far away from the spirit of those who threaten their enemies.

We would ask these people: How do you understand the Gospel? Is it merely words?

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  1. As I see it at the moment, and I am a new Christian, probably full of delusions, the problem with this kind of puzzling is that it leads one to judgement. At least that's what I could see was the direction my thoughts were taking me when I was reading this. Saying that I also think that everyone does the best thing they can at each moment, given what is in their minds and hearts. Since we have some evil in our hearts and some delusion in our minds I suppose what we do will sometimes be evil and deluded. Lord have mercy on us.