Saturday, 5 April 2008

Catechumen Trevor 3

Catechumen Trevor has responded to our last post. We will let him have the last word:

Thanks again. I appreciate your insight, and I particularly appreciate the ambiguity of this sort of thing. I should clarify that my questioning is mostly about what might have happened in past reading of such materials. Now, although I might find some entertainment in reading back over some of these works, I would have to say that about 80-90% of my reading is of explicitly Orthodox material. I also would not advise to an inquirer that they read any of these works we've discussed here to understand Orthodoxy. (Well, perhaps some of C. S. Lewis's books, if I knew they were already favorably disposed to his work--some of them can be a great springboard for Evangelicals to begin considering Orthodox doctrines that they may otherwise never encounter. But even there, the main point would be to provide a platform for further discussion, not any expectation that reading his books would actually give them the answers.)

I think it is enough to know that in my own experience these things may have helped somehow along the way. Looking back now through the lens of Orthodoxy, I can certainly see elements of what I liked in the books then that find their better answer in Orthodoxy. (Elements that I would not have guessed at the time had anything to do with Orthodoxy.) Of course, the reality is better than the fantasy in all respects, but at least the fantasy provided a hint of a taste.


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